B.N. Toler: I don’t really credit myself as being a great writer, but I do believe I am a great story-teller

B.N. Toler is an another of WHERE ONE GOES a - very amazing which my website Kulturalne Rozmowy is patron media of this. This time I talk with the writer about her beginning and writing process. We also talk about reason of writing novel WHERE ONE GOES and sequel. I ask the author does she believe in spirit and how did writing change her life and many things. 

Who is B.N. Toler in her private life? Are you the same person which we know when we read your books? What is the difference between these two exists?  

B.N. Toler: Well in real life I’m a mother of three amazing kids. I love laughing and I’m always drawn to anyone with a great sense of humour. I work out a lot, I love to hike, and of course I daydream a great deal. Writers in general, I believe, tend to use our characters to play out ideas we wish we ourselves could or reactions we wish we could have. My heroines are usually a great deal braver than I consider myself and have a bigger capacity for forgiveness than I do. So…yes…there is a difference I suppose between what you read and who I am. I hope I answered that right. 

Yes, it's good to know these differences. You are mother of three children as you said previously. How do you deal with these all duties as a mother and an author?  

Well as anyone might imagine, writing romance with three human wrecking balls present is almost impossible. My kids always come first and I squeeze writing in whenever I can.

I understand you. That must be difficult for you. How did it happened that you became an author? Did you not regret that you do what you do? Did you always know that you want to write for other people? 
Honestly, I wrote my first book more as a hobby—something to do. I didn’t intend to publish it. I’m glad I did though because I love what I do and it’s led me to meet so many amazing authors and readers. My books are read around the world and I could have never dreamed that was possible. 

Congratulations, you must be glad. Have you ever thought that you achieve success and your novel has become to translate for foreign language? What do you feel know when you observe this situation?  

My first foreign publish was Hungary and I was so excited. I felt proud of my work and it meant a great deal knowing my book would be translated for others to read. 

At the end of your last book WHERE ONE GOES you said that you are a narcistic person. Seriously? Why? 

That was actually a joke between me and my critique partner, Meg Collett. Prior to release of a book, I tend to panic and hyper-focus on how it will do. She always calmed me down.

Why did you decide to write paranormal romance like some of your books? You don’t like our real world? What are you reasons?

WHERE ONE GOES was my sixth book released in English. It was my fourth paranormal. All of my other books are contemporary romance. I have published 11 total. 

Quite a few.  For whom is this novel?

Specifically, it was for a young woman named Hannah Graham who was abducted and murdered at the University of Virginia just before I started writing WHERE ONE GOES. When she went missing, I was obsessed with the story, praying she would be found alive. When they found her body in a vacant lot after it had been picked apart by vultures, I was devastated. The first soul we meet in WHERE ONE GOES, Casey Purcell, is inspired by Hannah though the events of her death are not exactly the same. Hannah’s murderer was caught and it was discovered he had raped and murdered several other women so I also dedicated the book to them as well. 

Imagine the situation that you can decide which life of your features from your all novels you want to be. Which you would choose and why? 

If this is so, out of all of my books, I would probably choose Charlotte. I mean, who wouldn’t want a crack at the McDermott brothers. But seriously, her gift was amazing and she curses just like me.

What means to be an author for you? 

For me, it’s a place to share the madness. My mind splinters - something happens in real life and my mind grabs it and runs away playing out scenarios, conversations, etc. I always tell people I don’t really credit myself as being a great writer, but I do believe I am a great story-teller. 

Gret idea for yourself. When you started your career as an author did you do it for money or just for passion? What is your recipe for success?    

Passion 100%. The money was the perk. Passion is the recipe. I don’t believe that you can write a story worth reading without passion. 

In Polish version the cover of WHERE ONE GOES wasn't updated. A few days ago you presented a brand new cover of this novel on you website. What was the reason and who created it?

Actually the reason for my new cover is because I am writing a sequel to WHERE ONE GOES titled What Lies Between. I had to create a new cover to coincide with the new book. 

Do you remember this moment when you were when the story of Charlotte and brothers came to your mind? Or maybe you based that story on a real life?

It happened over the course of months. I watched a show called The Long Island Medium who claims she can speak to spirits. I loved the show. Then I took a trip to Warm Springs in the Fall and fell in love with it and knew it had to be in a book. Bits and pieces came together, much like a puzzle. 

Do you believe in ghosts? If you would have chance to meet the spirit any famous person what would you tell her or him? Who you would want to meet? 

Yes, I suppose I do. I like the idea that our loved ones are always watching over us. And I love the idea that life is energy and energy doesn’t just cease to exist but transcends. If I could meet any spirit of a famous person, I think I’d love to sit down and have whiskey with Ernest Hemingway. 

Would you like to have the same skills like Charlotte? What would do the first if you have chance to change someone’s life? 

You know, I think I would, but I would understand having such a gift would probably be difficult at times. I think we all desire to have some unique ability. 

Oh, yes. You have right. If you would have chance to go back to your previous life what did you change in your life? Or maybe you did change nothing because everything is ok… 

Ehh… yes, maybe. But it’s hard to say because things I wish I could change might alter the things that I love and wouldn’t change for the world. 

How would you describe brothers from you novel? Do they have any features your close friends or someone you met during your life? 

Ike and George both have dark hair and eyes, but if I had to pick a famous person to model them after I think I would say Zach Effron. His eyes are blue but everything else about him fits.

How writing has changed your life? What are the pros and cons of this situation?  

Its only made my life better. Seriously, I love it. 

Can you imagine your life without writing? What would you do if you would not be an author?

Well I was in orthodontics and real estate for years. I’d probably go back to that. 

Last question: for many Polish readers you are not a well-known writer. If you wanted to encourage these people to read your books what would you say about your stories?     

My books are meant to offer a greater perspective. To see the beauty in tragedy, the silver lining. Terrible things happen, but what comes out of them can be amazing. I write about great love, the kind that transcends and I also write about real love, the kind that really exists. My books always have humour and will probably make you cry.  

I'm sure many Polish readers will be satisfied reading your books. Thank you for your time and I am waiting for your next novel. 

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