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What is The Life Adventure?

Have you ever asked yourself what the meaning of life is? Why are we here? What makes some people succeed? Why can’t you find happiness, why can't you find your true love? Why some people are successful entrepreneurs at the age of 25 years old but you still slog out every working day from 9 till 5, just to make your boss happy? Take the first steps to improving your health and wellbeing and join us in The Life Adventure. A new Adventure that you can be part of!

We want to encourage you to look differently at life and the opportunities it brings! For us life is an adventure, from health, fitness & wellbeing, to travelling, writing & exploring!  We start our journey by encouraging you to discover your limits and the relationship between your mind and body; Join us for a selection of fitness exercises, not only working towards a better body but most of all - a better YOU!

With both founders coming from different international backgrounds and in collaboration with West Hollywood’s EYSOM and ProviSport in London we are reaching out to you via Cultural Talks in Poland. What's the link?  Well one of the CEOs is from Poland. So let's start with who we are…

At first glance it might seem like the founders’ myriad differences could threaten to overwhelm the partnership; we are from two different countries, with different cultures, schooling and experiences. We are Venus and Mars, science and the arts.

Above it all one thing connects us – passion and hunger for adventure!

We are the ones who exist in the movies – we jump to the sea in the moonlight, we dance in the middle of street when the snow falls, we dance like no one is watching, we live life to the fullest because we came to realization that we will be gone soon. 

We also are the kind of people who jump on a flight in search of the unknown. To lose ourselves, forget who we are and where we came from and the to discover ourselves again. We thrive on filling the unforgiving minutes and on being alive…

Caroline, 24 is an actress and writer. She plays in London theatre and has been recently involved in one of the most popular BBC TV series. Unfortunately she confessed that she’s addicted… To travelling and going beyond the horizon.

When the time shows 5.30 am in the morning she is ready to morning run. Well run the day or the day runs you!

Phil, 29 spent most of 2018 exploring different countries and cultures with highlights climbing waterfalls with the Iban tribe in the jungles of Borneo, trekking at 6,000m in Bolivia, visiting historical marvels in Israel, and conquering Kilimanjaro high above the plains of Tanzania.  Between adventures Phil works as an engineer, but his insatiable thirst for knowledge means it’s never long before the bags are packed and another expedition begins.

What will you gain and how can we help you?

The Life Adventure is an evolving project divided into several parts starting with health and wellbeing. Go with us on a journey to discover and push your limits through physical exercise, harness the power of positive thinking and learn about mindfulness and strength of will in practices and discussions. We bring you advice from the people we meet about wellbeing, weight loss, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle! Follow along and train with us on our journey through exercise, yoga, meditation and thinking differently.

Next up we’ll be inviting you to join us on our adventures!  We’ll be learning about other cultures, from wildest Tanzania, to deep arctic waters, from Mount Everest to Challenger Deep. Learn, travel, discover and even win a trip with us! Via videos and articles.

Then we’ll be inviting special guests to share their experiences and talk about how they prepared for the extraordinary feats and accomplishments they have achieved.  This is all about people pushing the limits of what’s possible, or what we’re told is possible. For example we might look at how people prepare mentally to climb the highest peaks in the world, how to beat your personal trainer running a marathon, how to get your first part on a major television series!

Are you ready to join us for adventure? Put your seatbelt on and get ready for a new perspective on life!

Countries we have reached so far: USA/UK/POLAND


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